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Angel Horses has many needs and offers a variety of volunteer opportunities including grooming and exercising the horses, barn chores, assisting with individual riders as a side walker, assisting with groups in a variety of capacities, facility maintenance and fundraising tasks to name a few!

NOTHING happens without our volunteers, their selfless, tireless devotion and hard work is appreciated by the Angel Horses organization.

We feature many of our volunteers, donors and supporters, and the incredible work they do to help Angel Horses, in our periodic newsletters, so be sure to check them out!

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Angel Horses will do our best to match skills and desire with opportunities offered.  Volunteer experiences can be very rewarding, especially when witnessing a participants ‘first,’ such as a first ride or even something as simple as touching a horse for the first time!  Watching a child gain confidence and self esteem is the payoff!

Volunteers and participants at Angel Horses, Inc. in Billing, MT

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    Volunteers and participants at Angel Horses, Inc. in Billing, MT