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Angel Horses in Billings rescues 2 Amish horses from PA

Larry and Lany: Angel Horses rescued 2 Amish horses that were near death in PA

Angel Horses rescued 2 Amish horses that were near death in PA. They arrived by the grace of God from our donors who helped transport them to us. Their names are Larry and Lany.

They arrived in February 2024 and almost didn’t survive the trip. These horses were literally picked up off of the ground by Second Chance Horse Rescue in PA. We heard about them, donors kicked in to rescue them and bring them to us – their new forever home. They are brother and sister 16 and 17 years old Lany and Larry. They are big sweethearts and are an incredible gift to our program! We are so thrilled to have them here at Angel Horses in Billings, where they will spend the rest of their lives in a loving, nurturing environment!

Thank you to all who helped us rescue these big beauties from the terrible life they were subjected to.  It will take some time to get them healthy and we are loving on them every day and giving them good nutrition and care.  We will post updates on Larry and Lany soon!

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